MGC Dry Gin, Gembrook Hill Blanc de Blanc

Looking for more sparkle? We’ve paired the Gembrook Hill Blanc de Blancs, also made by MGC Distiller Andrew Marks to make a Yarra Valley 75.


Total: $125.00

This elegant drink is a sign of an exceptional style since 1930 when French 75 was mentioned in The Savoy Cocktail Book.

However, the roots of the cocktail delve as far back as 1867 and there are many pieces of evidence of noblemen enjoying similar mixtures. The MGC variation of French 75 is a crystal flute full of history where each ingredient thoughtfully compliments the basic spirit. We use the Gembrook Hill Blanc de Blancs, that came from mature 32-year-old chardonnay vines from Andrew’s Marks (MGC distiller and winemaker) family vineyard. It brings the sense of history and heritage and makes this sparkling cocktail 100% Yarra Valley 75. Instead of lemon juice, we experiment with grapefruit sherbet to create a flavour connection with the gin botanicals and add a bit of novelty.