Single Shot Gin awarded a Master Medal

The Melbourne Gin Company is thrilled to share that our Single Shot Gin has been awarded a Master Medal at The Spirits Business Gin Masters 2022, for the second time. We’re incredibly proud as this is the highest accolade a gin can receive.

The annual competition was well represented and very competitive with over 513 x entries from 244 x different spirit companies around the world.

This accolade comes after a series of top awards for our gin, including:

–       Gold, San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition 2022

–       Double Gold, San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition 2018

–       Gin Master, Global Gin Masters 2018

–       Gold, Global Gin Masters (Asia) 2018

“The Melbourne Gin Company took home a Master medal for MGC Single Shot Gin, liked for “bags of juniper on the nose””, said The Sprits Business Gin Masters.

The Single Shot Gin was first made in 2018, named after its method, a single distillation. This is unlike our original Melbourne Dry Gin, introduced in 2012, in which botanicals are individually distilled and then blended together.

The botanical mix for the Single Shot Gin includes Juniper Berries, Orange Peel, Angelica Root, Australian Bergamot, Cardamon Pods, Tasmania Leatherwood Honey and Lavender.

The gin is distilled in Portuguese Alembic stills that were designed for making perfume. There are two 300L stills and the original 130L still. The stills are hand made from copper, a material that is chosen for its excellent heat conducting properties.

The Juniper is steeped overnight in the still before adding the six other botanicals just before distillation to get an intense Juniper driven gin.

Pristine rainwater is collected at Gembrook Hill vineyard in the Yarra Valley and used to break back the Single Shot Gin.

“This gin has a citrus hit which makes it perfect for a classic G&T. But so much more than that.

Coming in at 47.4% it’s a tad stronger than our Melbourne Dry Gin which is 42%. This will elevate your cocktail experience but won’t overpower it like some of the stronger gins out there,” says Andrew, MGC founder and distiller.

Find some fun and classic cocktail we love to make with Single Shot on our Recipes page.

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We wanted to taste the Juniper. We wanted it to taste different to our Melbourne Dry Gin. We wanted it to taste amazing.
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