Where twin passions of gin and grapes collide to produce an utterly unique and contemporary classic.

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Gembrook Hill Sauvignon Blanc juice, grown and produced by MGC distiller Andrew Marks, is fortified with MGC Single Shot Gin.

Together gin and juice are aged in old french winemaking casks for four months. A vintage product that captures time and place in a refreshingly audacious and delectable new drink.

Tasting notes

A lush aroma and palate of bergamot, lychees and ginger with perfect balance from the grape’s natural sweetness and zesty citrus tones. A seductively unique combination of flavours that are quite simply delicious.

Botanical information

Fresh Gembrook Hill Sauvignon Blanc grape juice

MGC Single Shot Gin

Serving Suggestion

Delightful served neat over ice or as an alternative to sweet vermouths in cocktails.